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  • The government says it's ready to engage with virtual asset service providers and invite them to the city.

  • The policy statement adds that Hong Kong is “open to the possibility” of having exchange-traded funds on virtual assets, pledging to enhance investor protection and ensure suitable regulatory arrangements are in place.

  • ​“The SFC has been actively looking to set up a regime to authorize ETFs [that] provide exposure to mainstream virtual assets with appropriate investment guardrails,” Securities and Futures Commission Deputy Chief Executive Officer Julia Leung said at Hong Kong FinTech Week.

  • Multicoin Capital, one of the top crypto venture firms, told investors in a letter on Thursday that FTX’s collapse will cause additional failures.

  • “Many trading firms will be wiped out and shut down,” the letter said.

  • Because of its writedown of assets on FTX and the broader drop in crypto, Multicoin said its net performance is down 55% this month.

U.S. Banks Launch a Digital Dollar Blockchain Pilot

  • A group of banking institutions—including HBSC, Mastercard, and Wells Fargo—announced on Tuesday the launch of a proof-of-concept digital money platform called the Regulated Liability Network (RLN).

  • According to the group, the platform will use distributed ledger technology, better known as a blockchain, to create opportunities to improve financial settlements. It would also draw participation from central banks, commercial banks, and "regulated non-banks," including BNY Mellon, Citi, PNC Bank, Swift, TD Bank, Truist, and U.S. Bank.

  • Nike has launched its .Swoosh project, an NFT marketplace built on the Polygon blockchain.

  • Nike's .Swoosh platform will become the focal point of its efforts to push into Web3 services. It will feature NFTs for all manner of Nike-branded virtual apparel, including iconic sneaker designs, clothing lines, collectibles, and more.

  • There is also the promise of future collaborations with Nike-sponsored pro athletes, unique real-world perks for owning Nike NFTs, and a whole ecosystem of Web3 integration.

  • As cryptocurrency prices soared last year, no investor bet more on the sector than Andreessen Horowitz.

  • Chris Dixon, partner led the charge for a $4.5 billion crypto fund, the largest ever for such investments.

  • The timing wasn't good as the prices for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have plunged this year in the midst of a broad market downturn, erasing billions of dollars in paper gains for Andreessen’s funds.

  • “What I look at is not prices. I look at the entrepreneur and developer activity,” Mr. Dixon said. “That’s the core metric.”

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  • The bank issued tokenized S$100,000 ($71,000) as part of the Singapore central bank’s pilot programs exploring the use of decentralized finance, or DeFi, in the banking sector, then traded it for tokenized yen with Japan’s SBI Digital Asset Holdings.

  • While the transaction wasn’t a crypto trade, it used the infrastructure developed by crypto firms: the Polygon blockchain, which makes transactions on the Ethereum blockchain cheaper, and a modified version of Aave, a major DeFi lending project.


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